This Quirky smart coffee maker refills its own beans from Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service

Quirky announces Poppy, a new brand of Web-connected home appliances that use Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service to automatically order refills of your favorite supplies.

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Justin Yu
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Tuesday Amazon announced Dash buttons that let Prime customers replenish frequently ordered products with a push of a button, and among the first appliances to ship with the Dash Replenishment Service baked in is a shiny new pour-over coffee maker from New York-based startup Quirky. It's part of a new line of Dash-powered appliances called Poppy that also includes a smart instant formula machine and a smart pet feeder.

The Poppy Pour-Over is an attractive coffee maker with bronze accents that has a built-in burr grinder so your coffee is always brewed from fresh beans. As with other Web-connected coffee makers like this one from Mr. Coffee , coffee lovers can start brewing from anywhere with an Internet connection using the Wink app and the accompanying Wink Hub at home.

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With the Pour-Over, you can fine-tune and save presets for ideal water temperature, grind size and brew times, then share your favorite brewing recipes using the app for iOS and Android. A double-walled glass carafe keeps your coffee hot and the hopper can store 1.25 pounds of coffee beans at a time with 10- or 20-ounce serving sizes available.

As you brew away, a sensor inside the Pour-Over maintains inventory of your remaining coffee beans and filters. When you're running low on either, the smart sensors automatically engage and place an order for you using the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service that you set up beforehand.

If it works, the whole system will finally relieve you of the responsibility of keeping track of and refilling your coffee-making supplies. Don't worry, Amazon will also notify you every time it orders something, and you can always edit or cancel an order after it's made.


The Poppy Pour-Over, Formula and Pet by Quirky


The Poppy lineup from Quirky also includes Dash Replenishment products for non-coffee-drinking members of your family. The Poppy Formula handles remote control of your infant's feeding schedule through the Wink app and orders formula refills when you're running low. The smart Poppy Pet takes care of your pets in a similar fashion, letting you set a daily feeding schedule while monitoring the remainder of your pet food supply.

Quirky hasn't announced pricing or availability for the Poppy products yet, but you can sign up to be notified when more information is released.