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Polaroid P-500 review: Polaroid P-500

Not to worry, though, the P-500 offers an ingenious alternative: its easy Lock feature (this setting, which can be found on most cameras, prevents your favorite photos from being erased). With it, the printer searches for each locked print and outputs those images directly to the printer--simple, straightforward, classic Polaroid.

Prints in no time
The P-500 can shoot out a print every 45 seconds, and the ejected images develop outside the printer in three minutes, just like all Polaroid film. You can queue images in any order, print multiple copies, even cancel printing in midstream. Overall, the exposure and color were excellent, with sharpness equal to that of a standard Polaroid photo.

While putting the P-500 through its paces, we never once ran out of power and found it nice to know that we could use the P-500 anywhere in the world without worrying about supplies, batteries, or issues with the local voltage. The included shoulder strap further attests to this printer's go-anywhere ruggedness.

The Polaroid P-500 is a great, little, self-powered portable printer if you're looking for one. And even if you aren't looking for one, once you see this tool in action, it's bound to become a permanent part of your digital arsenal just because it's so much fun to use.

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