If you've been living under a rock these past few days, there's something you need to know. Last week, Nintendo released a mobile app called Pokemon Go on iOS and Android. The game integrates augmented reality and makes users travel around their local (and sometimes, not-so-local) area to catch small, pocketable monsters. Since its release, Pokemon Go has been a huge hit. Like, number-one-in-the-app-store-internet-and-cultural-phenomenon huge.

But it's not all Ho-Ohs and Butterfrees. The game is catching flack for being able to access users' full Google accounts, and if you download the game outside the Google Play Store, there's a chance you'll get malware instead.

To keep track about what's going on with Pokemon Go, here's an exhaustive (and ever-growing list) of all the news coverage, how-tos and explainers CNET has about the game.

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On what led up to this hit:

On the TL;DR news and basics:

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On how to do practically everything on Pokemon Go (including tips and tricks):

On its growing cultural impact:

On the trouble (and other hijinks) Pokemon players are getting into:

On malware, personal data and other bad stuff:

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On its effect on Nintendo:

On its effect on other tech companies: