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PoGo Products Radio YourWay LX review: PoGo Products Radio YourWay LX

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The Good Lots of audio recording options; built-in speaker; AM and FM tuners with scheduled recordings; solid battery life; SD expansion slot.

The Bad Confusing interface; slow file transfers via USB 1.1; terrible equalizer and 3D effects; no DRM support; expensive, especially the 128MB version.

The Bottom Line Although it effectively marries an MP3 player, AM/FM radio, and a VCR, the Radio YourWay LX doesn't warrant its high price.

5.7 Overall
  • Design 5
  • Features 6
  • Performance 6

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PoGo Products Radio YourWay LX

Don't confuse the PoGo Products Radio YourWay LX with an iPod. Although they look very similar, the $250 Radio YourWay offers just 512MB of flash storage, while a 128MB version is available for $200. However, it also includes an AM/FM tuner, VCR-like recording capabilities, a line-in jack, and an SD slot for expanding that anemic memory. If you're a listener who prefers radio to big music collections and wants to easily record favorite shows for later listening, you can finally have it YourWay. Unfortunately, it's hard to overlook the player's high price, bulky form factor (it's 3.9 by 2.4 by 0.8 inches and weighs 3 ounces), and lack of DRM support. Much as we love the Radio YourWay's radio and recording capabilities, it's weak as an MP3 player.

The YourWay's ample screen is packed with info.

Though it looks and feels like a cheap, plastic iPod knockoff, the all-white Radio YourWay has a certain kitchen-appliance appeal. Its large, backlit LCD packs in lots of information--everything from bit rate to play mode to a digital clock. On the downside, all these elements are jammed together, making for a decidedly crowded-looking display.

Thankfully, the controls are clearly labeled, most notably the red-accented record button. The main control cluster consists of a play/pause/power button surrounded by a four-way pad, which itself is flanked by four other buttons--all keeping with the circular, iPod-like motif. However, we frequently had to consult the manual to figure out certain aspects of the interface. For instance, while playing a tune, the only way to get back to the song list is to pause playback, then press the up or down button. We also had trouble figuring out how to exit certain menus. You can master the Radio YourWay with practice, but it's not nearly as intuitive as it should be.

The player supports MP3 and unprotected WMA files, meaning you can't play songs purchased from most online services. But true to its name, the Radio YourWay is heavy on radio features. Indeed, it's the only player we've seen to support AM and FM radio. That's great for listening to local ball games and catching your favorite hometown talk shows. However, the bigger news is that in addition to on-the-fly recording, you can program the player to record shows at designated times. In other words, you no longer have to miss This American Life just because you didn't have the radio on. The Radio YourWay has slots for 20 recordings. Ironically, it limits you to just 10 presets for radio stations and lacks an automatic preset feature.

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