PocketMac for BlackBerry 3.0

Quick Take: Whether they know it or not, BlackBerry users and Apple users have something in common: cultlike loyalty and support for the products. And now it's nice that these two groups can come together. PocketMac for BlackBerry 3.0 lets you connect your BlackBerry device to Macs (via USB or serial port) and sync data from applications such as Microsoft Entourage, iCal, the Mac OS X address book, Now-Up-To-Date, DayLite, and even stickies. The program is fully integrated with iSync and, for added security, supports any passwords you have set to your BlackBerry. PocketMac for BlackBerry costs $30 and supports the full gamut of BlackBerry models, including the 5800, 6200, 7200, and 7700 series.