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Plantronics Voyager Pro review: Plantronics Voyager Pro

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The Good Good noise reduction. Comfortable fit.

The Bad Enormous retro design. No A2DP support.

The Bottom Line Plantronics' headset design harks back to days when Bluetooth headsets were big and bulky, but it works well.

8.8 Overall


The Voyager Pro is promoted by Plantronics as its most advanced headset yet, so it's interesting to note that the design of it couldn't be more retro. If you were fitting out a movie scene that called for a character to be wearing a Bluetooth headset, you'd fit them with the Voyager Pro. It's big and very distinctive, with that mix of social awkwardness and looking like you work in a call centre neatly encapsulated in the small boom mic and huge earpiece that resembles mid-1970's hearing aids. The boom mic swivels horizontally and vertically, meaning that despite its size it can be worn in either ear, which is a nice design touch.


Like many other Bluetooth headsets, the Voyager Pro's big selling pitch is in its noise-cancelling abilities. Plantronics labels its noise cancelling technology as AudioIQ², and in combination with in-built wind filtering on the boom microphone, the claim is that the Voyager Pro will deliver the crispest and least interrupted speech possible. It'll pair with multiple phones, and Plantronics rates the battery on the Voyager Pro as good for up to six hours of talk time with up to five days of standby operation. When the battery is low, you'll get two types of audio warning; a low tone and a spoken instruction letting you know it's going flat.

One feature that we've seen on a number of recent Bluetooth headsets that the Voyager Pro lacks is A2DP support. Sure, a business-centric headset isn't likely to pitch specifically to the music crowd, but it'd still be a feature we'd figure you'd include in a headset that you claim pushes "the limits of headset technology".

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