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Plantronics Voyager 835 Bluetooth Headset review: Plantronics Voyager 835 Bluetooth Headset

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The Good The Plantronics Voyager 835 is a discreet and comfortable Bluetooth headset with excellent sound quality. It also has Multipoint, which lets it pair with more than one device at a time.

The Bad The Plantronics Voyager 835 doesn't have extra ear tip sizes, and has a rather boring design.

The Bottom Line The Plantronics Voyager 835 is a great choice for mobile professionals looking for a business-like headset that does its job well.

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7.7 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 8
  • Performance 8

Plantronics has long been known for its quality Bluetooth headsets, not only because of fit and feel, but also because of its patented AudioIQ technology that helps reduce background noise. However, with more advanced headsets such as the BlueAnt V1 in the market, it needs to amp up its offerings to remain competitive. Enter the Plantronics Voyager 835. It's the first ever Plantronics headset with dual microphones, which help in enhancing your voice while reducing background noise. This results in excellent audio quality, and it's indeed one of the best headsets in Plantronics' lineup. The Voyager 835 is available for $119 MSRP, but its street price may drop to about $99.

The Voyager 835 is aimed at mobile professionals, and its design reflects that. Measuring 2.1 inches long by 0.6 inch wide by 0.4 inch thick, the Voyager 835 has a long slender profile that is not at all showy. Wrapped in black plastic, the Voyager 835 is downright inconspicuous with its rather boring business-like design.

On the front of the Voyager 835 is the multifunction button in the form of a recessed dot toward the top of the headset. Underneath it is an LED indicator, followed by a recessed strip that also houses the first of two microphones. The second microphone is located at the bottom of the headset. The volume buttons are on the right side, and the charger jack is on top. We had no trouble pressing the buttons, though we did think the volume keys are on the small side.

Flip the headset over and you'll find a rubberized ear tip as well as a flexible translucent plastic ear hook. The ear tip is meant to fit snugly in the ear, with the tip acting as an anchor within the outer folds of the ear. It takes a little while to fit it in, but once we did, it did stay there quite securely. According to Plantronics, this snug fit leads to all-day comfort, but we did wish there were different sized ear tips for a more customized fit. We should also note that the ear hook is not optional, but you can twist it around to fit either ear.

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