PKOH NYC Earbud Clip

Cast your headphone entanglement problems to the wind with PKOH NYC's handy Earbud Clip.

Justin Yu Associate Editor / Reviews - Printers and peripherals
Justin Yu covered headphones and peripherals for CNET.
Justin Yu
PKOH NYC Earbud Clip for Apple iPod
Quick Take: We can all agree that digging your iPod out of your bag only to find your headphones in a tangled mess is no fun. Luckily, PKOH NYC has invented a simple device called the Earbud Clip that allows you to use your own headphones and simply clip the cord to itself while not in use, eliminating any chance of entanglement while it's rolling around in your bag. When it comes time to listen to the iPod again, all you have to do is slide the clip down the cord, and it's out of the way. The clip can even attach to your lapel/collar/strap so that your headphone cord isn't hanging loosely in front of you. A simple design, yes, but hey, it works--and that's what important, right? The clips might look cheap, but appearances can be deceiving; these aids are made of the highest-quality Lexan polycarbonate that is virtually unbreakable. PKOH provides you with four different colors in the set (black, pink, white, and green) to suit everyone's tastes. Give them away to your friends or keep them all for a rainy day; either way, consider yourself tangle-free.