CES 2018: Never forget your wallet again with Pitaka's MagHive

Pitaka says its MagHive sensors not only track your stuff -- they keep you from forgetting it in the first place.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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Pitaka's MagHive is a device storage system that supposedly won't let you leave home without the essentials. 


Startup Pitaka knows the frustration of accidentally forgetting your phone or wallet at home. Its MagHive sensors, available starting in early 2018, are supposed to keep you from leaving home without your stuff. 

Pitaka's MagHive kit includes a base station and sensor fobs called MagTags. Once your keys, phone and other things are paired to MagHive, motion, local weather conditions and more can create an alert to make sure you don't head outside without your umbrella and other things that might come in handy. 

So, unlike Tile, Trackr and other locating tech, MagHive should, in theory, keep track of your things and also not let you leave home without them. MagHive will also be compatible with Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant.

I have a lingering question, though -- if the alerts are delivered through your phone (and you've forgotten your phone) you won't know to grab your umbrella, keys or other forgotten items. We'll just have to see the devices in action to confirm how they work -- and to learn if it's necessary to mount an Amazon Echo Dot to the wall for its voice integrations to work (see picture above). 

Pitaka has not yet released pricing info for its MagHive sensors. 

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