First look

Ready to mix it with the likes of Tiësto? The WeGo2 console from Pioneer makes it easier than ever to learn the art of DJing.

Rather than having to invest in a traditional mixer and set of CD or vinyl decks, the WeGo2 is an integrated console that connects directly to your music source of choice.

It's light enough, at 1.6kg, to carry around to a party or just for home use, with the option to attach an iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. There is a built-in ledge to rest an iOS device against, though it's compatible with Lightning units only.

The console works seamlessly with Algoriddim's djay 2 app, which gives users a visual interface to integrate tracks or view waveforms, as well as control most of the same elements as you can from the WeGo2 directly. If you are using a computer with the console, either Virtual DJ Limited Edition (PC) or djay LE (Mac) comes with the unit.

Around the two platters are a range of built-in effects, as well as many of the same controls, like hot cues, found on more sophisticated decks. To make it incredibly easy for beginners to start mixing tracks, the WeGo2 has a built-in automatic sync mode that will beatmatch two tracks instantly. There are also pulse control lights to visually indicate when beats are matched. EQ controls as well as faders are provided for each deck.

Budding DJs can record their sets straight to an iPhone or iPad using the djay 2 app's record function. Output options are simple, with the ability to plug in a 1/4-inch jack or mini pin for headphones, in addition to RCA out. It can be powered through a mains connection or via USB.

The WeGo2 is available from Apple stores (in white only) and Pioneer dealers for AU$449. Colour options include white, red or black.