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AV Receivers

Pioneer VSX-516

The Pioneer VSX-516 is the company's entry-level A/V receiver for 2006, but the step-up VSX-816 model offers a much better deal.

Pioneer VSX-516

Quick Take: The Pioneer VSX-516 ($200 list) is the entry-level A/V receiver in the company's 2006 line. The 7.1-channel model is available in black or silver, and it offers 100 watts per channel of power and all the standard Dolby and DTS surround-processing modes. However, for just $100 more, the step-up Pioneer VSX-816 offers all of the VSX-516's functionality, plus a host of additional desirable features, including MCACC autocalibration, XM satellite functionality, considerably more inputs and outputs, and 10 percent more power per channel. Bottom line: the $300 VSX-816 offers a much better bang for the buck than the entry-level VSX-516.

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