Pilot Labs

The Pilot Labs CoinGuard is supposed to be a simple supplement to your existing home security setup. It's a small, coin-shaped sensor that you can attach to pretty much anything -- from a family heirloom to that box of cookies that's off-limits before dinnertime. Then, if someone tries to make off with that priceless piece of jewelry or a fistful of Oreos, you should get an instant push notification.

It reminds me somewhat of Dropcam Tabs , those versatile motion sensors supposedly rated for indoor and outdoor use -- although Tabs seem to have fallen off the radar since Dropcam teamed up with Nest. CoinGuard is also reminiscent of Sense Mother's "Cookies" -- a cute name for its remote motion and temperature sensors. Cookies can attach to your laptop as easily as a door or window to alert you when something's amiss or simply to track ambient temperature.

CoinGuards looks similarly versatile.

Pilot Labs

Like Cookies, CoinGuards need a hub to translate the Wi-Fi signal. This unassuming hub has a single button for simple setup and variety of LED status indicators, including ZigBee, Pilot Labs' protocol of choice for this product. Each CoinGuard comes with a replaceable battery that it claims can last for more than a year and an operating range of over 300 feet. That's much better than Cookies -- they only have a 65-foot range.

The related iHomeWare app is only available for iOS right now, but an Android version is in the works. You should be able to arm and disarm multiple CoinGuards from the app and Pilot Labs' Cloud-based monitoring takes care of the push notification portion.

Pilot Labs' CoinGuard has an open API and expects to announce an IFTTT channel by the end of 2014. It also has a variety of other in-house smart home products that should integrate seamlessly into the iHomeWare app, including smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, water leak sensors and more.

The CoinGuard Kickstarter campaign launched today, with prices for a hub and one CoinGuard sensor starting at $45 (roughly £28, AU$50). CoinGuards can be shipped internationally for an additional charge and Pilot Labs says it should be able to start sending out units as early as December.