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Phonex Neverwire USB adapter review: Phonex Neverwire USB adapter

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In CNET Labs' throughput tests, the Neverwire USB adapter maintained a very good data transfer rate of 5.6Mbps--only half of its 12Mbps maximum, but still better than that of other USB power-line adapters, such as the Siemens SpeedStream 2501, the Linksys PLUSB10, and the Gigafast PE901-UI. In our informal testing, we found that peak data rates ranged from 8Mbps to 10Mbps between any two Neverwire adapters.

CNET Labs throughput tests  (Longer bars indicate better performance)
Phonex Neverwire USB
Linksys PLUSB10 2
Siemens Powerline Access Point
Netgear XE102

Although there are faster Ethernet-port power-line adapters , such as the Siemens power-line Ethernet adapter, the Neverwire USB is a front-runner among USB adapters; it's almost five times as fast as a typical broadband Internet connection. The device is also remarkably resilient when it comes to distance, unlike wireless networks. We didn't notice any drop-off in data transfer rates, even when the adapters were separated by three stories.

Phonex supports the Neverwire USB with a 30-day, money-back guarantee; a one-year warranty; and round-the-clock, toll-free phone support that, based on our experience, is both speedy and helpful.

Unfortunately, Phonex's Web support for the Neverwire USB is skimpy. There are downloadable PDF versions of the generally excellent manual but no drivers at all. E-mail support would be nice, too.

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