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Philips Streamium WACS700 Wireless Music Center and Station review: Philips Streamium WACS700 Wireless Music Center and Station

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Both units include six EQ presets, programmable bass and treble settings, and a bass-boost feature. There's a broadcast feature that syncs the playback of the two devices and another that transitions the music from one device to the next so that the tunes move from room to room with you. On the flip side, the system can support up to five separate audio streams (if you purchase additional stations), so people in different rooms can listen to different music. A smart-EQ feature determines the EQ preset according to the genre of the audio file that's being played. Repeat and shuffle modes round out the music options.

In terms of audio performance, the system was generally solid, although the Music Center sounded much larger and less boxy than the Station. With both units, treble and midrange frequencies sounded clear yet not brash, but bass performance was fairly boomy, especially with bass boost enabled. The station periodically had issues streaming tracks from our PC; sometimes it worked with Windows Media Connect, but we could never get it going with other Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) PC software servers such as Musicmatch.

In the final analysis, the Philips Streamium WACS700/37 has too many limitations to justify its high price. Although it might be a decent solution for CD-centric users looking to make a computer-free transition to wireless audio, we prefer the Sonos Music System products for their greater range of audio-streaming capabilities and overall user-friendliness.

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