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Philips ShoqBox PSS110 Personal Surround System review: Philips ShoqBox PSS110 Personal Surround System

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The Good Simple menu navigation; plays DRM-protected WMA files; FM tuner; alarm clock; can use as external speakers for other devices.

The Bad Painfully slow USB 1.1 transfer times; mediocre audio quality; no line-in recording; can't manually scan through FM radio; no expansion slot; puny 256MB of storage.

The Bottom Line Slow performance, a relative lack of storage, and uninspiring audio quality mar an otherwise clever idea.

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6.0 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 6
  • Performance 5

Philips ShoqBox PSS110

MP3 players are fantastic, but they're intensely personal. What if you want to fill the room with music? Rather than add a set of portable speakers, Philips built speakers into a 256MB flash player to create the ShoqBox PSS110 Personal Sound System. Encased in glossy white plastic, the ShoqBox features two tiny speakers that flank an LCD and playback controls on the front of the unit, making it look like a miniature boombox. It's decidedly cute and would make an ideal travel companion if it had more built-in storage and better sound quality.

Measuring 2.3 by 2.1 by 7.1 inches and weighing 12.3 ounces, the Philips ShoqBox is too big to carry around like a traditional MP3 player, though setting it on your shoulder might draw a few chuckles. The Source button allows you to pick from your music library, the FM radio, or a line-in source. Lifting the door on the back of the unit reveals USB, line-in, headphone, and external power inputs. The ShoqBox feels sturdy and well built, and the silver buttons are solid and responsive. The white-backlit screen is easy to read and features enough contrast to view in bright, sunny environments. The screen displays info for the current song, the EQ setting, and the name of the next song in the list. To encourage use on the go, Philips includes a travel case in the package.

Lift the rear lid, and you'll find power, USB, line-in, and headphone ports.

As for playback controls, the ShoqBox offers what you'd expect from a basic MP3 player. In MP3 mode, you have menu options for shuffle/repeat, a sleep timer, an alarm clock, basic system settings, and EQ. While a song is playing, you can press the left navigation button to view your music library by playlist, artist, album, and so on. You can establish key shortcuts to toggle through EQ settings, shuffle/repeat modes, or additional song information. The ShoqBox uses Musicmatch Jukebox, included on the installation disc, to transfer songs, which means it syncs easily with playlists created in the app. The player handles DRM-protected WMA files purchased from Musicmatch and Napster without a hitch. Unfortunately, the device stores only 256MB worth of tracks (about 64 MP3s), and there is no expansion slot. The ShoqBox would be much more attractive with 1GB of storage.

The ShoqBox's screen up close.

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