Sarah Tew

Last year Philips released the first Screeneo ultra-short projector which could project a 50-inch image onto a wall from a distance of a foot away. While competitors like the LG Hecto were selling for six figures, the Philips was going for under two grand.

But despite its cuteness and fun-factor it had some rough edges -- it was targeted at enthusiasts with its barebones Android operating system, but it also wasn't suited to these same people as you couldn't adjust the color balance beyond a few scant presets. This meant that anyone who wasn't using their wall but a screen were getting an oversaturated and unfixable image.

Philips has come back with the new Screeneo HDP1690, which has at last fixed the color control issue. It's also upped the brightness significantly which will help in semi-lit rooms.

Otherwise the features and $1,999 price remain the same with HDMI inputs, DLNA streaming and onboard sound. We look forward to seeing whether the changes make it a more compelling buy or keep it as a loveable oddball. It will be available in the US this spring.

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