Philips health watch syncs with a range of new gadgets to track your wellbeing

A fitness tracker watch, blood pressure cuffs and scales are among the planned devices syncing your data to a cloud-based system.

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BERLIN -- Tracking your health and fitness without going to the doctors is a reality thanks to wearable devices, fitness trackers and smartphone apps. At Berlin's IFA conference, Philips showed off the latest set of sensors and trackers you can take home to keep an eye on your health.

A Philips health watch is one of the new devices in the range of gadgets that record data on your health and sync together with an online platform, giving you feedback through your phone or tablet.

The watch, which is currently at the prototype stage, is planned to track your heart rate, the number of steps you take, and how you're sleeping. Philips reckon the low-powered monochrome screen will help the battery to last up to four days. The watch is expected to go on sale in April 2016.

When your data is synced to the cloud, you can track your progress on your phone or tablet. Rich Trenholm/CNET

Other devices include an upper arm blood pressure monitor and a smaller portable wrist-worn blood pressure monitor. They record your heart rate and systolic and diastolic blood pressure and show you the results on the display. There's also a set of scales that records your weight and estimates your body mass index.

And an in-ear thermometer records your temperature in a couple of seconds to track changes over time.

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The different devices connect to the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform, an open and secure cloud-based platform that records your data from different sources over Bluetooth. You can then track your progress -- or lack of it -- on your phone or tablet. You can set different goals, like losing weight or getting more active, and the app will offer you tips or quotes to stay motivated.

The HealthSuite platform also gathers data from other Philips devices, such as the Lumify ultrasound scanner for healthcare professionals.

The watch is one of the weird and wonderful wellness gadgets shown off by Philips at technology trade show IFA.

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