Philips DCP850 Docking Entertainment System review: Philips DCP850 Docking Entertainment System

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The Good This portable DVD player incorporates a video iPod dock that allows you to play iPod videos on an 8.5-inch screen. It also has an SD card slot for movie and photo viewing, and it supports DivX video and MP3 CDs.

The Bad The remote control can hardly command a docked iPod, and iPod menus are not displayed on the DCP850's screen. The tinny speakers aren't good for listening to music. The rechargeable battery isn't removable and only provides around 2.5 hours of DVD playback between charges.

The Bottom Line The Philips DCP850 has plenty of appeal for video iPod users. It's among the first devices to combine an iPod dock with a portable DVD player, plus it offers good connectivity and supports useful media formats.

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7.3 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 8
  • Performance 7

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Philips DCP850 DVD Player w/ iPod Dock

A true convergence product, the Philips DCP850 ($199.99) is among the first portable DVD players to incorporate a video iPod dock. Although the iLuv i1055 came before it, the DCP850 improves on the concept with a more-refined design. Factor in its all-around solid performance, and it's easy to see how the DCP850 could become quite the trendsetter.

Measuring in at 8.3x7x1.5 inches, the DCP850 isn't any bulkier than a standard portable DVD player. With portable DVD player screens generally ranging from 7 to 11 inches, the DCP850's 8.5-inch, 16:9 display is of average size. The hinged screen swivels 180 degrees to accommodate different viewing angles. If you're on a tight budget and can settle for a 7-inch screen, check out the otherwise identical Philips DCP750, which costs about $50 less.

The DCP850's fully rotating screen is a nice touch.

The DCP850's iPod dock is located essentially in the same place where a keyboard would be on a laptop computer, which makes it easy to access and to use a docked iPod's controls. When docked, an iPod is completely flush with the DCP850's casing. Cleverly, the DCP850's iPod dock doubles as a bay for the unit's remote control. Thanks to a locking mechanism, the DCP850 securely holds either. And of course, the screen folds down, providing clamshell-like protection to a docked iPod or the remote while in transit.

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