Quick Take: Philips's 42PF7320A, which CNET did not review, is similar to the step-up 42PF9630A, but there are some important differences. The less-expensive 42PF7320A has first-generation Pixel Plus technology, which may not incorporate the important 2:3 pull-down detection found in the step-up model's Pixel Plus 2 circuitry. We don't know for sure since we haven't tested it, although Philips claims the 42PF7320A has that feature. The 42PF7320A also has different styling, it lacks Philips's trademark Ambilight backlighting, and it doesn't have a memory-card slot for digital photos. Otherwise the two plasmas have the same features, making the 42PF7320A one of the few sub-$2,000 plasmas to offer two HDMI inputs. Picture quality should be nearly identical, with the possible exception of 2:3 pull-down. For more information, refer to the full review of the Philips 42PF9630A.