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Philips 40W Equivalent Warm Glow Candelabra LED review: Dial down the brightness, and the color temperature with it

The Good This Philips candelabra LED mimics an incandescent by dropping the color temperature as you dim the light down. We were able to dim the bulb cleanly down to zero on every dimmer switch we tested -- no other candelabra LED can say that.

The Bad The bulb flickered a bit on our dimmer switches, undercutting its main selling point. Its performance was also affected by heat buildup more than any other bulb we tested.

The Bottom Line The unique "Warm Glow" approach to dimming isn't enough to justify switching over to this otherwise mediocre candelabra bulb.

7.0 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Value 6
  • Performance 7

The Philips Warm Glow Candelabra LED.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

With a lot of incandescent light bulbs, you'll notice a distinctively warm and "orangey" tone as you dim things down low. That's the effect that Philips is trying to capture with its "Warm Glow" line of LED light bulbs, including this $9 candelabra bulb. Dim the light down, and the color temperature will drop deep into the orange end of the spectrum, giving you a similar sort of candle-like glow.

That's a neat trick that you won't get with other candelabra LEDs in the lighting aisle, but I'm not sure that it's enough to justify buying in. Simply put, the Philips Warm Glow LED didn't perform well in our tests -- namely our heat test, where it finished dead last out of eleven bulbs. On top of that, it isn't quite as bright as the majority of your other options, and it isn't rated to last as long, either, with a promise of 15,000 hours as opposed to the more common 25,000 hours.

Above all, the price of this LED is still off-putting. $9 is a high ask, especially considering that you'll likely need to buy several of them. Unfortunately, that's largely true of the category of the whole. Your cheapest option is the standard Philips candelabra LED, which sells in a $10 three-pack at Home Depot. That bulb isn't dimmable, though, and the cheapest dimmable options only cost about $2 less than the Warm Glow LED.

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