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Phiaton PS 300 Primal review: Phiaton PS 300 Primal

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The Good The Phiaton Primal Series 300 Noise Canceling headphones cost less than the Bose QuietComfort 3 and offer more extras, such as an additional rechargeable battery and the capability to work without noise cancellation activated. The headphones are very comfortable and compact. A nice, hard-shelled case and international power adapters are included.

The Bad Although cheaper than the competition from Bose, the PS 300 headphones are still pricey. Bass has a tendency to sound mushy and the PS 300 makes several genres of music sound slightly muffled.

The Bottom Line The Phiaton Primal Series 300 Noise Canceling headphones are supercompact and packed with features any frequent flier would lust after, but only those with a particular penchant for dance pop, electronica, and hip-hop should consider picking up a set.

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7.7 Overall
  • Design 9
  • Features 9
  • Performance 5

Phiaton edged its way into the headphone market last year with its MS 400 Moderna Series headphones, an eye-catching set that brought solid sound quality and comfortable construction to the table. Now, with the considerably more portable PS 300 Noise Canceling headphones, the company continues its tradition of sleek design and plush comfort. These on-ear 'phones pack in a slew of travel-friendly accessories and, at $299, cost $50 less than the competition from Bose. However, the set failed to provide great sound quality across a wide variety of music, making it most suitable for only a certain type of listener.

The Phiaton PS 300 Noise Canceling headphones are very similar to the Bose On Ear headphones in design. Two small, oval earpads measuring 2.7 inches tall by 2.2 inches wide are designed to be worn on the ear rather than cupping it. As with the Bose set, a single detachable cable descends from the right earpiece, although in the PS 300's case, the cord features an inline muting button that allows you to hear external noise without removing the headphones.

The style of the Phiaton PS 300 headphones varies slightly from the Bose, but we're rather keen on it. Rather than silver accents, you get champagne gold, and the outer covering of the earpieces is a textured black leather. It's a high-end look overall. Thanks to the padded, adjustable headband and super cushy earpads, the PS 300 'phones rival the Bose set in comfort. Of course, as with any on-ear model, you'll want to be aware that this design can overheat your ears after a time.

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