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Perfect Blend Pro review: This scale uses weight, Bluetooth to help you blend better smoothies

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The Good The Bluetooth-connected Perfect Blend Pro scale talks to your device to tell you how to build a smoothie, drink or other blended item based on the weight of the ingredients. The $100 scale also works with the Perfect Drink and Perfect Bake apps so you can use weight to build cocktails and baked goods, respectively.

The Bad The family of Perfect apps aren't integrated, so you have to jump across apps to use the scale with different recipes. The instructions will get tedious if you prefer to throw together a blended beverage. You have to provide your own blender on top of spending 100 bucks for the scale.

The Bottom Line The Perfect Blend Pro would be a good addition to the kitchen of a novice cook who needs help and calorie counts for smoothies and more. Everyone else should save a few bucks and stick with a regular kitchen scale.

7.7 Overall
  • Design 9
  • Features 7
  • Usability 7
  • Performance 8

Don't let the name fool you -- the $100 Perfect Blend Pro isn't a blender. It doesn't even come with a blender. Rather, it's a Bluetooth-enabled scale that connects to an iOS or Android app that tells you how to build a smoothie, drink or other blended item based on the weight of the ingredients rather than volume.

The $100 Perfect Blend Pro connects to an app through Bluetooth to keep track of how much of an ingredient you add to your blender pitcher or cup.

Chris Monroe/CNET

You can use the Perfect Blend Pro as a regular kitchen scale, but its biggest draw is the Bluetooth connection. You choose a recipe from the robust selection in the app, select what type of container you will use for your recipe, and place that empty blender pitcher or single-serve container on Perfect Blend Pro. Then, the app tells you what ingredient you need to add. As you add food to your container, the scale tells your device how much you've added based on how much it weighs. Once you've added the correct amount, the app will ding and automatically go to the next ingredient in the recipe. After you've filled your container, the app will tell you how long you need to blend your concoction. The app also keeps track of how many calories and how much fat, protein and carbohydrates are in your smoothie as you build it.

Does this product sounds familiar? The Perfect Blend Pro is another product from the Perfect company, a manufacturer who previously made Perfect Drink ($90 at Amazon) and Perfect Bake smart scales and app for building cocktails and baked goods, respectfully. And we've seen other smart kitchen scales from companies like Drop that work in very similar ways.

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