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Pentax Optio M60 review: Pentax Optio M60

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There's still plenty of cuteness to go round. Each scene mode is represented by a cuddly icon, while the face-detection icon is a happy smiling emoticon. And what would a Pentax compact be without the option to set the shutter noise to miaow like a cat?

Once again, the M60's performance belies it's friendly exterior. It's not especially fast, but pictures look decent. Colour is accurate, with warm skin tones. Apart from a marginal amount of distortion to the left, images are crisp enough.

To lock the autofocus you half-press the shutter as normal. Unfortunately, there's a noticeable pause before the onscreen focus reticule turns green to signal that it's locked on, and that's in decent lighting conditions. In lower light it can take a second or two, but we found that the AF generally focused on the right thing.

The usual caveat with compact cameras is that low-light performance often isn't great. The M60 suffers from the usual problems with noise, with grainy speckles lending images a gritty feel at ISO 200 and above.

Anyone who doesn't believe in Santa Claus might be put off by the cutesy touches, preferring the slicker design of the ultra-slim Casio Exilim EX-S10 or the wide-angle Nikon Coolpix S610. But at this price -- and with this level of user-friendliness -- we'd happily recommend the Pentax Optio M60 to younger snappers.

Edited by Nick Hide

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