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Panasonic Viera V10 (TX-P58V10) review: Panasonic Viera V10 (TX-P58V10)

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The Good Awesome high-definition picture quality; plenty of connections; excellent motion processing.

The Bad Some slight colour-tone issues with standard-definition material; a few hundred quid off the price would be good.

The Bottom Line With Pioneer on the verge of disappearing from the UK TV scene, it's a real relief to find a set like the fantastic Panasonic Viera TX-P58V10. It proves that, even after the death of Pioneer tellies, movie buffs will still be able to get their hands on supremely high-quality plasma alternatives to the latest LCD and LED-backlit upstarts

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8.8 Overall

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Once the exclusive domain of the super-wealthy, truly massive sets like Panasonic's 58-inch, 1080p Viera TX-P58V10 plasma TV are really plummeting in price. Admittedly, we're not likely to find such tellies sitting on the shelves of our local supermarkets anytime soon, but the TX-P58V10's asking price of £3,500 or so definitely makes it a convenient alternative to a good projector for a dedicated AV room, especially considering how well it performs.

Black colossus
There really is no overstating just how colossal the TX-P58V10 looks. Compared to a 50-inch set, the screen appears much larger than a mere 8-inch on-paper difference would lead you to imagine. But the set also sports a chunky bezel that adds a good 2 inches to each side.

People thinking of installing the TX-P58V10 in a dedicated home-cinema room may be pleased to note that, aside from subtle metal strips along its upper and lower extremities, the bezel is finished in a non-reflective black. This means that, in a darkened room, the only thing you'll notice is the picture, and not the bodywork around it.

Jam-packed with features
The V10 range sits only one rung from the very top of Panasonic's latest TV line-up. Unsurprisingly, therefore, it boasts loads of connections and features, including a built-in freesat HD tuner, alongside Freeview and analogue ones.

The non-reflective black finish means the TV's bodywork won't distract you when you're watching a movie in the dark

As well as four HDMI ports, there's an SD card slot capable of playing DivX/AVCHD movies and JPEGs, plus an Ethernet port through which you can access Panasonic's Viera Cast online service alongside BBC iPlayer at some point in the future.

Unlike the online system found on Philips' latest TVs, Viera Cast doesn't give you unfettered access to the whole Internet. Instead, it channels you into a ring-fenced corner of the Web that's been specially formatted for easy navigation via a TV remote. Sadly, the content of Viera Cast is currently limited to YouTube, Eurosport and Picasa. But, on the upside, Viera Cast is exceptionally easy to use, especially since Panasonic has done such a great job of designing the system's front end.

Another of the TX-P58V10's headline features is its 600Hz processing. The screen doesn't really refresh itself 600 times a second, though. Instead, a 600Hz effect is generated by interpolating extra frames of image data using Panasonic's Intelligent Frame Creation processing system. But, however dubious the 600Hz title might be, the bottom line is that the system produces good motion-handling results.

The other significant features of the TX-P58V10 are that it uses one of Panasonic's new, more energy-efficient NeoPDP panels, is unusually slim for such a large plasma TV, and claims a massive contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1.

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