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Panasonic Viera GT20 (TX-P42GT20) review: Panasonic Viera GT20 (TX-P42GT20)

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The Good Natural colours; razor-sharp HD pictures; wonderful 3D performance; affordable; good range of features.

The Bad 3D images are darker than those on LCD screens; boring design.

The Bottom Line The Panasonic Viera TX-P42GT20 plasma TV offers superb 3D performance and is much more affordable than its higher-end stablemates. Crucially, it's also an accomplished 2D performer.

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8.8 Overall

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Like MacGyver, plasma TV technology is a true survivor. Just when you think it's done for, back it comes with another trick up its sleeve. Recently, plasma has impressed with its ability to produce 3D images that don't suffer half as badly from crosstalk as LCD sets. But 3D plasmas have so far been pretty pricey. The 42-inch, 1080p Panasonic Viera TX-P42GT20 aims to change that. It's available for around £1,050.

None more dull

Panasonic isn't exactly renowned for its design flair, and the GT20 is dull even by the company's usual standards. The whole of the front is finished in glossy black, with little else to catch the eye. The best that can be said of the design is that it's pretty inconspicuous.

Although its appearance leaves something to be desired, the set isn't lacking when it comes to connections. There are four HDMI 1.4 ports for connecting up your high-definition gear, along with a set of component inputs, two Scart sockets, a VGA connector and composite inputs.

Like many of Panasonic's mid- and high-end sets, the GT20 has both Freeview HD and freesat HD tuners, giving you access to the broadest range of free HD channels.There's also an Ethernet port on the rear of the TV for use with online services such as iPlayer (which is, strangely, only available if you're using the freesat HD tuner) and the Acetrax movies-on-demand service. The TV also has two USB ports that can be used for digital media playback or recording TV shows to an external hard drive.

Set-up's a cinch

Setting up the GT20 is very straightforward. Unlike 3D models from Philips, Panasonic has followed the herd and built the infrared transmitter that controls the 3D glasses into the set, so you don't have to faff about with any additional gear. Tuning both freesat and Freeview channels doesn't take very long either.

Unlike Panasonic's higher-end VT models, the GT20 offers 2D-to-3D conversion, although the results aren't anywhere near as engaging as real 3D material.

But, although the TV's menu system is easy to navigate, the presentation is very drab, especially compared to the menus on TVs from the likes of LG and Sony. Also, the set's electronic programme guides aren't all that hot. For example, they don't retain a thumbnail video of the current channel while the EPG is displayed and, rather annoyingly, the Freeview EPG shows Web-style adverts, which compromises the amount of screen space that can be used. Thankfully, these adverts don't appear on the freesat EPG.

Inky blacks

Despite its lower price tag, the GT20 thankfully includes much of the same technology as Panasonic's higher-end VT20 models. The only really significant missing feature is the Infinite Black Pro filter that helps to improve black levels. Instead, the GT20 uses the non-Pro version of this filter. While the difference is noticeable compared to sets with the Pro version, the GT20 still produces deep and inky blacks that put plasma TVs from rival manufacturers in their place.

In fact, this TV's overall 2D picture quality is very impressive. As with most plasma displays, colours are warmer and more natural-looking than on many LCD screens, even if they're not as bright. The TV's deeper black levels and razor-sharp HD performance lend Blu-ray movies a superbly cinematic look too, especially with the True Cinema presets turned on. The presets on this TV are universally excellent, so you shouldn't have to do all that much tweaking to perfect them.

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