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Panasonic Viera E3 (TX-L32E3B) review: Panasonic Viera E3 (TX-L32E3B)

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Other picture-tweaking goodies are few and far between. The TX-L32E3B relies on the company's basic V-Real Plus picture-processing system, and it's only a standard 50Hz model.

Nevertheless, pictures look surprisingly clean, and even standard-definition channels on Freeview are pleasantly upscaled to the panel's native resolution. The colour palette is bright and punchy, but rarely strays into oversaturated territory. Detail on HD feeds, such as the BBC HD channel on Freeview, is razor-sharp. Black levels are impressively deep too, which in turn helps to give images the high-contrast, cinematic look that's just ace for watching movies on Blu-ray.

On the downside, the set suffers from some motion blur. Panasonic claims the TV only has a motion resolution of 300 lines, and this is very noticeable, especially with HD material when there's plenty of movement in the frame. Another issue is that the backlight isn't quite as consistent across the entire image as it could be, but, then again, this is a problem that affects even more expensive LED models.


The TX-L32E3B's chassis is quite slim. Thin sets often compromise on sound quality, as there's no room left for decently sized speakers. Panasonic has avoided this problem by flaring the chassis out slightly at the bottom in order to fit in larger-than-usual speakers. It's a clever move, because the audio quality is noticeably better than that of most competing TVs, offering deeper bass and a more full-bodied, pleasing sound.


Overall, the Panasonic Viera TX-L32E3B is a good option if you fancy an LED set, but don't want to pay through the nose for it. Its picture quality is, on the whole, very good and its audio isn't bad either. It's a shame, though, that its motion handling isn't better and that Panasonic hasn't added any support for digital media playback.

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