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Panasonic TX-P65VT50B review: Panasonic TX-P65VT50B

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Design and connections

The TX-P65V50 is a mammoth TV, and while it's often difficult to make a screen this size look stylish, Panasonic has managed to achieve just that. A single sheet of glass covers the front, running from edge to edge and framed only by a strip of chrome that runs around the outer rim. As a result, the television looks very sophisticated and stylish. Bear in mind though that at 42.5kg it is very heavy, so you're probably going to have to call in the experts if you want to wall-mount it.

Panasonic TX-P65VT50B
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There are four HDMI ports and three USB ports mounted on the left-hand edge.

This TV certainly isn’t found wanting when it comes to ports. On the left-hand edge you'll find the four HDMI ports, and above these are three USB sockets along with an SD memory card reader. The remainder of the connections are all found on the rear and include RF and Satellite inputs for the Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners, as well as an Ethernet port for the online services. However, as Wi-Fi is built in, you're unlikely to need the Ethernet port at all. The rear panel also has mini jack inputs for component and Scart connections, which require the use of the supplied break out cables.

Audio quality

Big, cinema-style pictures need big, powerful audio to accompany them, and luckily the TX-P65VT50 doesn’t disappoint in this area. Panasonic has added a mini subwoofer to the rear of the TV, which helps it to deliver fatter sounding bass that you could get from most flatscreen models. The distance between the two downward firing stereo speakers mounted on the bottom of the panel also helps to widen the stereo image, making it sound broader and more enveloping.

Hardcore movie fans are of course likely to twin a screen of this size with a surround sound system, but if you don’t want to splash out on extra kit, the built-in audio provided is more than meaty enough to allow you to enjoy even the most bombastic action movie soundtracks.

2D picture quality

If there's one thing you want a quality TV to get right, it's picture quality and fortunately the TX-P65VT50 comes up trumps in this area. It actually takes a while to get accustomed to a screen this big, as its gargantuan dimensions give it a cinematic feel, but there's a lot more to the pictures on this set than mere size.

The black levels are truly amazing, and are arguably the best of any TV on the market at the moment. As it uses plasma technology, the TV doesn't suffer from problems associated with LED screens, such as backlight inconsistencies and haloing around bright objects. The black levels help to give pictures a richer feel with much sharper contrast, making movies a real pleasure to watch.

Panasonic TX-P65VT50B
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The VT50's pictures are about as close to cinema as you'll get from a TV.

While it doesn't have the ultimate brightness levels of many LED models, the TX-P65VT50 is a good deal brighter than last year's plasma screens from Panasonic. This in turn helps to give its colours some much-needed extra punch. The finer gradient control on this model over the ST50 and GT50 sets means that dimly lit scenes in movies are handled with more refinement too.

I'd expected standard-definition broadcasts on Freeview to look rougher than a builder's hands, but the VT50's picture processing actually does a very competent job of upscaling standard-definition material. The better-quality channels on Freeview actually look perfectly watchable at this screen size.

Things do begin to break up a bit if you try watching low-quality YouTube clips or the low bandwidth Freeview channels, but on the whole its upscaling is very impressive. Motion is handled beautifully too, and HD movies are so sharp you'll need to be careful the pictures don’t slice your eyeballs.

3D picture quality

The VT50 comes with two pairs of Panasonic's active specs. These have been redesigned and are a good deal smaller than the company's previous eyewear. As a result they're lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Panasonic TX-P65VT50B
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Panasonic has reduced the size of its active specs making them more comfortable to wear.

The general rule about 3D is that it's more impressive the bigger the screen size -- something which is borne out on the TX-P65VT50. The sheer scale of this model's 3D pictures make them a joy to behold, but add in the fact that pictures look very crisp and sharp, and suffer from practically no crosstalk and you've got a cracking screen for watching 3D. In fact, the only slight downside is that its 3D images look a little bit darker than what you'd find on many LED TV sets.


The TX-P65VT50 really is a cracking TV from Panasonic. It may cost and arm and a leg and the sheer size of the thing might mean you have to remove a wall to fit it in your lounge, but you'll be rewarded with gloriously refined, cinema-sized pictures. Panasonic still has work to do on its dated menu system and the provision of more premium apps and smart TV features, but you can guarantee that overall, this telly won't disappoint.

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