Seeing the AU$5000-plus price tags often hanging from plasma or LCD TVs can be somewhat disheartening when you're in the market for a new TV. Thankfully, you can pick up a wide screen flat television for under $1500. As well as saving money at the outset, the TX-66PW60A will also keep running costs down compared to large rear projection TVs such as the Samsung SP-61L2HX. The TX-66PW60A has two SCART connectors, as well a S-video input and multiple RCA inputs/outputs.

As well as being having an 80cm width and a height over 50cm, the TX-66PW60A is around 50cm deep - giving it an ordinary, box-like appearance. Not to say this size is extravagant, the TX-66PW60A cowers besides most of the rear projection giants available. While a 66cm (diagonal) wide screen television was considered ample a couple of years ago, television technology has since picked up its pace with much larger rear projection, plasma and LCDs inundating the market.

There is still a lot of demand for mid-range flat panel CRTs such as the TX-66PW60A and it is refreshing to see a wide screen TV at the sub-$1500 level - a price which can only drop as newer technologies become mainstream.