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Panasonic TH-PD7UY - First Take

TVs in the Panasonic TH-PD7UY series are "industrial" plasma TVs that focus on picture quality and value, rather than on extra features. You won't find speakers, built-in tuners, or a ton of inputs, but they might be the right pick for home-theater enthusiasts just looking for a good plasma monitor.

Panasonic TH-PD7UY series

The Panasonic TH-PD7UY series consists of industrial plasma TVs. This means that the usual extras, such as speakers, built-in tuners, and a ton of inputs, are missing, although speakers and input cards can be bought at Panasonic's Web site. The input cards are inserted into the back of the TVs and can add connectivity for HDMI, DVI, and component video, among other types. The included remote is also basic, and you may want to look into buying a good universal remote to control your A/V components. Even with buying these extras, the Panasonic TH-PD7UY-series TVs are still relatively inexpensive for plasmas, and we usually find their picture quality to be excellent.

If you don't feel like dealing with input cards and external tuners, it might be wise to look at more consumer-friendly models. On the other hand, this model makes an excellent choice for a home-theater enthusiast looking for a picture-first plasma that can be customized to his or her setup.

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