Panasonic SC-BTT370 review: Panasonic SC-BTT370


We weren't at all surprised that the Panasonic served up some great-looking Blu-ray imagery. It's nailed it over recent years and both 2D and 3D HD content was dished up superbly by the '370. Animation like the BD of Rio was especially impressive, with a rich and accurate-looking colour palette, oodles of detail and resolution. To our eyes there was no hint of any noise or picture distortion.

This system's video engine was truly impressive — both with 2D/3D Blu-ray processing and DVD upscaling. Tricky motion in movies like Green Zone were handled without any video wobbles and the on-screen action/drama is given all the punch and visual vibrancy that it required. Whites were NapiSan clean, blacks solid and insightful. We loved the way this player looked.

Sonically, it's no hedgehog either. We'd have liked to have seen a calibration microphone included, but it's a manual set-up. Tinkering with the levels, we found it best to drop the subwoofer output by a couple of decibels and we gave the dinky centre channel a bit of a lift. That way dialogue and other centrally placed effects were more audible and the subwoofer lost a bit of its boom.

Small, they may be, but the '370s speaker delivered surprising scale and power, as long as you don't expect them to go to "fill a concert hall" volume levels. They go plenty loud enough for your average-sized living room, and distortion didn't rear its ugly head until near maximum output. The spread and diffusion was ample and tightly steered around convincing-sounding soundfields. Avatar's sonic score was a great example of this, delivered with weight, authority and balance. Treble tones weren't too bright and the lows meaty enough.

Musically, it also translates well, whether you still play the silver disc thingies or are purely an iPodder. Take care when mounting your 'pod or 'phone though — the connector pin seems a bit flimsy and wouldn't appreciate rough treatment.


Well built, great picture and decent audio with ample connectivity and wireless functionality, the SC-BTT370 ticks most, not all, HTIB boxes. It's a bit fiddly to set up, but that's about our only gripe, given the price and performance on offer here.

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