Panasonic KX-TG2583ALS

Panasonic KX-TG2583ALS

Jeremy Roche
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Jeremy Roche
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The KX-TG2583ALS 'Gigarange' cordless phone might look like it belongs more in an episode of Doctor Who than your living room -- but its design gives it some advantages. Both the base station and handset are decked out in silver with black trimmings. Furthermore, the handset is slightly rubberised to offer resistance to knocks and protect the phone from general wear and tear. Panasonic claims this makes the phone safe to use around the pool and while washing the car but in our experience, electronics and water rarely mix -- especially if kids are around.

Features of the cordless phone include two-way paging and intercom functionality from handset to base (and vice versa). Up to 50 contacts can be stored in the phone's memory and entire caller identification information is shown on the 3-line backlit LCD on both handset and base. Panasonic states a standby battery life of 11 days and a wall mounting option.

Having all these features comes at a price; the KX-TG2583ALS retails for AU$389. Also, two external antennas on the base and one on the handset might get in the way while using the unit.

This 'Gigarange' phone might be expensive but we can certainly see the advantages in having an intercom system between base and phone. It would be especially handy when you're out the back at home and want to shout out to someone in the kitchen without having to trudge through the house. At this relatively high recommended retail price, we don't see to many families on a strict budget looking at this as a home phone solution.