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Panasonic KX-TC1481B review: Panasonic KX-TC1481B

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The Good Decent range; fair battery life; backlit LCD.

The Bad Bulky design; not as secure as digital handsets; no message light.

The Bottom Line This 900MHz phone isn't exactly stylish, but it does a good job of handling the basics.

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5.3 Overall

Panasonic has a reputation of producing quality cordless phones, and the budget KX-TC1481B is no exception. But while this low-end 900MHz model is a fair performer, it won't win any beauty contests, and it doesn't offer much in the way of extras.

The full-bodied handset fits snugly between ear and shoulder, but it's on the bulkier side. We like the large, rubberized keypad, and while they're not backlit, the numbers are relatively easy to read in low light. This wall-mountable cordless phone's caller ID function stores up to 40 names. Overall, the caller ID feature worked well; however, the information occasionally didn't appear on the screen as quickly as we would have liked.

Thanks to the phone's 40-channel autoscan feature, we generally had clear communication with callers. But since this is an analog model, it doesn't provide the most-secure transmissions, and we did experience frequent inference. As for range, we managed to get decent coverage of up to 125 feet, which should work for anyone with a large one- or two-bedroom home. Additionally, we met the rated five-hour talk time.

Since this system neither includes multiple handsets nor offers the same level of security as digital handsets, we don't advise getting this phone for your small business. But if all you want are minimal features and decent range, this model isn't a bad deal.

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