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Panasonic DMR-EX89 review: Panasonic DMR-EX89

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Video editing
The option to edit video is found on all of Panasonic's PVRs. It's quite a handy feature, especially on these machines, which feature a DV input. If you have a Panasonic camcorder, or possibly certain camcorders from other manufacturers, you can use the FireWire port to transfer standard-definition video onto the internal hard drive. From there, you can perform basic editing tasks, such as trimming a clip and merging two pieces of video together.

It's also possible to edit recordings made from TV. This can be handy for keeping just one segment of a TV show and deleting all the other parts. It's not, however, an especially easy process, and it's not really a replacement for a proper editing system.

Freeview+ offers several advantages, and these are available across Panasonic's PVR range. Series link is our favourite, because it means that you can set the machine to record every episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show on ITV2. Be aware though, that series link won't generally work across channels, so, although you'll get all of the Kyle you can handle on ITV2, you'll miss the newer shows on ITV1.

Freeview+ also features accurate recording, which means that, if a show runs over, starts late or gets cancelled, the PVR will take that in its stride. It's also possible for Freeview+ recorders to stop and start recording to avoid scheduled breaks for news. That's great if you're trying to record a movie, for example, and don't want to be interrupted halfway through when you're trying to watch it.

We love the way Panasonic's DMR-EX range works and looks. We're much less crazy about the prices, though, and the DMR-EX89's price tag is the most outrageous of all, given that it only adds an SD card reader and a larger hard drive to the DMR-EX79. Still, the product is solid and we can't see anyone who buys one being disappointed.

Edited by Charles Kloet

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