Pad & Quill Sleeve for MacBook (13-inch) review: A high-end leather and canvas sleeve for your high-end laptop

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MSRP: $99.99

The Good Hand-made from thick leather and waxed canvas, the construction quality of the Pad & Quill Sleeve is top-notch. The interior is soft suede that won't scratch your precious MacBook.

The Bad Spending nearly $100 on a laptop sleeve, even a really nice one, is a stretch. The leather bookmark-style closure is a hassle to access quickly.

The Bottom Line Thickly padded, and handmade from premium materials, the Pad & Quill Sleeve for MacBook will fit your 13-inch Air or Pro and fills an important need if you don't want to use a dedicated, padded laptop bag.

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8.6 Overall
  • Design 9
  • Features 8

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In the days when laptops were generally larger, more often made of plastic, and frequently carried in whatever briefcase or shoulder bag they would fit in, many of us, myself included, used a padded sleeve as an extra layer of protection.

In recent times, more laptops are built from sturdy materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber, and often with very sturdy single-piece construction for their bases. There are also a surfeit of slightly padded laptop bags and cases of every size, many of which are stylish enough for everyday use without looking like you're on your way to a corporate meeting.

CNET/Sarah Tew

There may, however, still be times when you want a dedicated laptop sleeve. If you find yourself in that situation, and you happen to have a 13-inch MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, accessory and case-maker Pad & Quill has a high-end version to go with your high-end laptop.

The Pad & Quill Sleeve for MacBook is a $99 leather-and-canvas cover for your MacBook (the 11-inch version is $89), that should also fit similarly thin ultrabook-style laptops such as the Toshiba Kirabook or Dell XPS 13.

CNET/Sarah Tew

Like many of Pad & Quill's other products, which include book-style iPhone and iPad cases, the quality of the materials and construction is excellent, from the heavy-duty stitching around the outer edge of the thick leather to the waxed canvas that covers one side. It is, however, rather bulky and will definitely take up significantly more room in a slim laptop carry bag than just the laptop itself (the sleeve measures 13.75 inches by 10.25 inches).

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