Oxx Digital Pocket review: Oxx Digital Pocket radio

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The Good High quality headphones. Player and headphones complement each other. Easy to use.

The Bad Need to buy rechargeable batteries. Sound could be more cohesive. Could be cheaper.

The Bottom Line The Oxx Digital Pocket is a simple portable DAB+ radio that boasts decent sound and ease of use.

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8.4 Overall

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If there's one gripe we've always had about portable players it's that the bundled earphones are almost always complete rubbish. Manufacturers seem to spend all the money on the player and throw the headphones — one of the most important parts of the chain — in as an afterthought.

Thankfully, the Oxx Digital Pocket DAB+ is different. Oxx has thrown in a pair of excellent a-Jays One earphones, though you always have the option of adding your own if you like.

The Pocket is a portable radio which includes both a DAB+ and FM tuner, and takes a pair of AAA batteries. It's a compact device and fits easily in the palm thanks to the rounded, rubberised back. The Oxx features a two-line LCD display which shows track and other usual DAB+ information.

For the price there's very little of the other features that more expensive tuners provide like live rewind or even broadcast quality data.

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