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LAS VEGAS -- Oregon Scientific's new $100 DreamScience machine takes a two-pronged approach to better sleep.

First, it harnesses the calming quality of ambient sound through what it calls "Sleep Enhancement Technology." This involves an incremental reduction in the volume and rhythm of the sound so your environment becomes increasingly relaxing over time.

Oregon Scientific

"Brainwave Embedded Sounds" are also part of this equation. These are audio signals that can supposedly target certain parts of the brain to either wake you up or lull you to sleep.

DreamScience features 20 different soundscapes, an LCD panel that displays the time and the sound track you're currently listening to, a timer that you can set to 30, 60 or 90 minutes, an alarm clock, a port for connecting other audio devices and 6 different glowing "mood lights" for an extra dose of calm.

You can power it will AA batteries or the included adapter. DreamScience will be available in 2015.

Oregon Scientific

Oregon Scientific is also unveiling the $100 AuraBreeze Aroma Diffuser at CES 2015, which is expected to be available for retail this spring.

Like DreamScience, AuraBreeze features 6 different calming lights and ambient soundscapes. Touch it to trigger its misting aromatherapy vapor for a full-on sensory experience. AuraBreeze lets you adjust the output of the scented mist, has a digital clock display, an automatic timer and low-water-shut-off and is powered by an adapter.

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