Orange SPV E650 review: Orange SPV E650

The Good Good looking design; slide-out keyboard; good range of features.

The Bad No 3G support; sometimes feels sluggish.

The Bottom Line With its large screen, slick design and slide-out keyboard, the Orange SPV E650 is one of the most impressive Windows smart phones we've seen in a while. The lack of 3G support and sometimes sluggish performance are disappointments, but despite these shortcomings, the E650 is still a very desirable handset

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8.3 Overall

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The Orange SPV E650 is a rebranded HTC S710 -- a great device if you want an email-centric device but don't want to lug around a massive handset. At first sight it looks like a standard candybar phone, but flick the top section out and you reveal a small Qwerty keypad, which helps you tap out long emails and text messages.

The Orange SPV E650 is currently available for free on a monthly contract with Orange.

Full Qwerty keypads are great if you need to write long emails, but they can be annoying when all you want to do is send a quick text. The E650 solves this problem by having two keypads: a standard numbers and letters keypad on top and a full Qwerty keypad hidden beneath the slide.

The E650 looks like a standard candybar handset when it's shut

This dual-keypad system is not only useful in terms of providing alternate ways of inputting text but it also saves on space. Another feature we liked is the ability to access work emails via a Microsoft Exchange server using Wi-Fi and the easy-to-access SIM-card slot on the back.

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