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Orange HTC TyTN II review: Orange HTC TyTN II

For instant access to email and a Qwerty keypad that sits up like a mini-laptop, Orange's HTC TyTN II could be the perfect business phone. With its new hard-hitting features including Windows Mobile programs, GPS, Wi-Fi and HSDPA, this smart phone packs a major punch

Andrew Lim

It seems that Orange feels better supporting HTC's own brand rather than adding it to its SPV range. The HTC TyTN II is the Orange SPV M3100's successor and comes packed with GPS and a screen you can tilt. It's available from Orange on selected monthly contracts for around £90.


Orange HTC TyTN II

The Good

Tilting screen; Qwerty keypad; GPS; Wi-Fi; HSDPA.

The Bad

Lack of flash on the 3-megapixel camera.

The Bottom Line

HTC has once again produced a feature-packed Windows Mobile handset that delivers in almost every department. If you need instant access to email and prefer using a Qwerty keypad over a standard mobile phone one, the Orange HTC TyTN II might be the phone for you

The Orange HTC TyTN II doesn't come preloaded with any sat-nav software so you'll need to buy your own, although you can use the free-to-download (not including data charges) Google Maps app to track your location and give you directions.

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