Optoma MovieTime DV10 review: Optoma MovieTime DV10

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The Good Excellent images. Integrated DVD. Optical audio output.

The Bad Complicated menu system. Gets hot during operation. Noisy DVD player. Cannot display full resolution HD.

The Bottom Line A portable all-in-one DVD player and projector with excellent image quality.

7.7 Overall

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Cinema style projectors are still a rarity in most homes. The introduction of models such as Optima's all-in-one DV10 MovieTime should help change all that. The DV10 combines a DLP projector, DVD player and speakers all in the same package, and is perfectly suited for entertainment or office presentations.

The key to the DV10's brilliance is its portability and ease of use. Just place it in front of a screen, plug in the power, then pop in a DVD and hit play. The fairly compact unit weighs 3.75 kilograms but includes an integrated DVD player with a full digital connection and a pair of speakers. Inside, you'll find Texas Instrument's DarkChip2 DLP circuit with a native resolution of 854x480. This falls short of the HD standard, although the DV10 can still accept HDTV input signals. Also, the projector features a short throw lens, which attempts to create the largest possible image even when placed right up close to the screen.

The relatively short 1.11:1 zoom was disappointing because adjusting the screen size further required us to move the entire unit back and forth. The DV10's curvaceous black and white shell makes it stand out against the multitude of boxy designs on the market. On the base of the unit you'll find threaded feet that can be adjusted for levelling the image and moving its height. At the top are several backlit buttons around the flip-top DVD player's lid, while power and AV connections are found at the rear.

One gripe we had concerned the recessed port for the S-Video input that couldn't fit some of the larger cables on the market. The included remote wasn't backlit but was easier to use than some of the credit card style ones that usually come with projectors.

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