Onfolio 2.0 review: Onfolio 2.0

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The Good Integrates with Internet Explorer or Firefox browser; great interface; good support tools for beginners.

The Bad Expensive.

The Bottom Line Onfolio 2.0 is an excellent, easy-to-use RSS newsreader, but unless you need the high-end tools of its Professional Edition, we recommend Pluck instead.

7.5 Overall

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Onfolio 2.0, the latest entrant in the crowded RSS newsreader field, is an excellent tool for gathering, browsing, and organizing RSS newsfeeds. The software's smartly designed interface rivals that of Pluck, our Editors' Choice. Both programs integrate seamlessly with Internet Explorer, although Onfolio gets extra credit for working with Firefox too. (Pluck offers a scaled-down, Web-based version for the Firefox and Opera browsers.) Despite Onfolio's impressive features, we prefer Pluck, which is free. Onfolio Personal Edition costs $29.95; the $99.95 Professional Edition adds plenty of extras, including the ability to capture e-mail from Outlook and publish folders of RSS feeds to a blog.

Onfolio is easy to download and install--a five-minute procedure in our tests. Once setup is complete, Onfolio melds with your browser, adding a left sidebar, which organizes your feeds into folders (such as Business, Science, and Health). The Onfolio Toolbar resides at the top of your browser's screen and makes it easy to add new RSS feeds. For instance, the Toolbar's Add Feed icon lights up whenever you view an RSS-enabled site. Simply click the icon to add a page to your list of feeds. Similarly, the Deskbar, which appears on your desktop taskbar, allows you to organize and search RSS feeds from the desktop. We found the Deskbar tricky to control, however. We when tried to move it around the screen, it scrambled our desktop icons and moved to the middle of the screen, hardly a convenient spot.

Onfolio integrates seamlessly with Internet Explorer or Firefox by adding the Sidebar (left) and the Toolbar (top right).

Onfolio's tutorials and wizards are great for RSS novices. For instance, the program posts links to its product tour and getting-started guide when you launch Onfolio for the first time. Similarly, the Feeds Introduction wizard, despite its clunky name, steps you through the process of adding RSS sites. Technical support is limited to several user forums and an online knowledge base that answers the most common questions. You can also tap into Onfolio's e-mail support. Unfortunately, telephone support is not available.

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