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Microsoft OneDrive (Android) review: Microsoft SkyDrive

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The Good SkyDrive has a sleek, Windows 8-style interface and dead simple controls.

The Bad Lacks the capability to move files between folders and edit documents from the app. No security features.

The Bottom Line If you're a Microsoft SkyDrive user, then by all means, download this attractive and useful app. Just don't expect to use it for editing Office documents.


8.1 Overall
  • Setup 10
  • Features 7
  • Interface 9
  • Performance 8

Editor's note: On February 19, 2014, Microsoft changed the name of SkyDrive to OneDrive and added a few new features to the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps. We've updated this review with our impressions of those new features.

Microsoft's cloud storage service OneDrive gives you a place to store photos, videos, documents, and other files in the cloud, so you can access them from anywhere, on any of your devices, regardless of the platform they're running. Like competitors Dropbox and Google Drive, OneDrive keeps the files you store in it safe in case your phone is lost or your computer hard drive fails.

OneDrive's Android app gives you the same sleek cloud storage as the Windows Phone and iOS apps, albeit with a few less features. Still, it's easy to use and sports a clean design. Also, if you have a Windows 8 PC, it's easy to access the OneDrive files you upload from the app thanks to the OneDrive integration in the operating system. The Android app is free to download, and users get 7GB of free storage. You'll need a Microsoft account to get started.

Design and features
Open up OneDrive, and you'll see a sleek, tiled, Windows 8-style interface. The Home screen shows all of your files and folders, while your basic controls sit up top (or down below, depending on the orientation of your device). The navigation buttons let you toggle between Tile and List mode, upload a file, create a new folder, and refresh. Tap one or more items to pull up more options, like Delete, Share, Download, and Export. The Share button gives you a link that you can share anywhere and lets a friend view the file straight from your OneDrive. Export lets you send the actual file via Gmail, attach it to a Facebook post, pin it to a Pinterest board, and more.

Adding new files from your Android device to OneDrive is simple enough -- just tap the upload button to grab photos, videos, and other files from your phone to send to the cloud. Or, if you navigate to a file anywhere on your device, you can use Android's Share command to upload it.

In a recent update on February 19, 2014, OneDrive for Android added the automatic photo upload feature, called Camera Backup, that the iOS and Windows Phone versions of the apps have had for some time. Once you turn it on, every photo you snap and video you record will automatically be saved to OneDrive. You can choose to upload those files over Wi-Fi only to save data, if you wish.

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