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In brief

Olympus has had many tries at superzooms in the past, not all entirely successful, but the SZ-30MR and its less-specced out cousin the SZ-20 look set to change that. Using a 16-megapixel backlit CMOS sensor means this camera should be decent in low-light and deliver fast performance results. Olympus also states that it can take full resolution still images while recording video at full 1080p (H.264).

Continuous shooting hits a ridiculous 15 frames per second, though that's at a 5-megapixel resolution. Full resolution shots have to make do with 3 frames per second, while the 24x optical zoom lens lets photographers get pretty personal with their subjects. It's also wide-angle at 25mm, though the maximum lens aperture is a disappointing f/3.0.

3D continutes to make its mark on digital cameras this year, with the SZ-30MR including a 3D photo mode which creates the image by panning the camera from one side to another, resulting in an MPO file.

The SZ-30MR will be available from April at AU$599.