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Olympus mju 7040 review: Olympus mju-7040

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The Good Speedy 7x wide-angle zoom; one-click high-definition movie mode; 2GB of internal storage.

The Bad Noise reduction and smudging even at low ISOs; occasional over-exposure; awkward rear controller.

The Bottom Line The Olympus mju-7040 is a smart and versatile compact camera with a very good zoom range for its size. Its 2GB of internal storage and in-built software make it handy as a portable photo and movie browser too. The step up to 14 megapixels, from its predecessor's 12 megapixels, does nothing for the picture quality, though

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7.5 Overall

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Olympus has refreshed its mju line of compact cameras. The new mju-7040 is an upgrade of the mju-7010 model that we liked so much. The resolution's been increased from 12 to 14 megapixels, and there are some design and layout changes too. But is it worth the asking price of £240 or thereabouts?

Zooms along
There's plenty to like about this camera. One of its main attractions is its 7x wide-angle zoom. It doesn't just cover a wide range, it's remarkably speedy too. If you want to be more precise about your compositions, you can switch to the slower 'fine zoom' mode instead.

The fine detail in the test chart is sharp, but this shot was taken at the minimum ISO and in ideal conditions. There's some chromatic aberration creeping in at the edges, too (click image to enlarge)

In fact, considering the zoom range, the 7040 is a very compact little camera. It's halfway to being a superzoom, but without the bulk. Its interface is very clearly laid out, too. Everyday adjustments are carried out using an on-screen menu running down the side of the screen and, at the bottom, is a full menu option for the more involved settings. It's a much clearer and simpler control system than that of previous mju models.

The real advances, though, aren't obvious from the outside. The 7040 now has 2GB of internal memory, and in-built photo-browsing software. The manual is stored in the internal memory too, so you can check up on how to do things while you're walking around. On top of that, the 7040 has a 720p movie mode, activated by a prominent red button on the back.

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