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Olympus Mju 7020 review: Olympus Mju 7020

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The Olympus Mju 7020 is the image at the top, and the Canon IXUS 110 IS is at the bottom. (Credit: CBSi)

At its full extension to 7x optical zoom, we found the 7020 exhibited something peculiar — even at an exposure that would normally be enough to compensate for camera shake, the images when viewed at full magnification appeared blurred. This didn't appear to be a focus issue either — see the image below for a demonstration of this.

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(Credit: CBSi)

As for noise control, the 7020 performs relatively well compared to a number of Olympus compacts we've tested: noise starts to appear at ISO 200 but it is negligible, ISO 400 is perfectly acceptable, at ISO 800 visible discolouration starts to occur and ISO 1600 is fairly messy but it could be possible to get a usable small print out of a shot with enough post-processing.

Click image for a larger version. (Credit: CBSi)


The Mju 7020 lacks in the extra bells and whistles that would make us recommend it, like HD video, and its image quality is only just acceptable. Without any particular class-winning features or good performance it's difficult to say "buy this camera", and it's not stylish enough to warrant an award either. The continued support for the slow xD format is also frustrating.

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