Olympus mju-7010 review: Olympus mju-7010

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The Good 7x wideangle zoom; good pictures at medium to high ISOs; attractive design.

The Bad Fine detail isn't the best we've seen; focus tracking could be quicker.

The Bottom Line A big step forward from the old mju-7000, the Olympus mju-7010 combines a 7x wideangle zoom with a slim body. It looks great, handles well and its pictures are pretty good too. An in-camera panorama feature and some neat 'magic filters' are a welcome bonus

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8.3 Overall

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The 12-megapixel Olympus mju-7010 might sound like a minor upgrade to the mju-7000, which suffers from an ugly exterior and a run-of-the-mill 7x zoom. In fact, although the price is similar, at around £200, the mju-7010 looks and feels like a completely different camera.

Welcome facelift
It's two things that make the difference. Firstly, you still get a 7x zoom, but this time it's a wideangle one, offering the equivalent of 27-270mm. Secondly, the camera's had a redesign. It's prettier, slimmer and looks great.

The lens is pretty good, too. There's not much distortion, despite the zoom range, and the sharpness holds up even at full zoom. There's no sign of any chromatic aberration, either, although this may be down to some clever in-camera corrections, rather than the lens.

Our test shot shows no distortion or chromatic aberration. The definition offered by the mju-7010's sensor is average, but the lens performance is very good (click image to enlarge)

You don't just get a good zoom range but an excellent focus range too. The mju-7010's 'super macro' mode goes right down to 20mm, which lets you get amazing close-ups worthy of a digital SLR and a specialist macro lens.

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