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Olympus FE-110 - digital camera review: Olympus FE-110 - digital camera

Olympus FE-110 - digital camera

David D. Busch


A four-way controller and a few buttons are among the minimal controls on this camera.

The mode dial and the zoom toggle both fall under your right thumb.

You can change flash settings, delete photos, and activate the menu system with these buttons below the LCD.

The Olympus FE-110 saves photos in 28MB of internal memory and on xD-Picture Card media.

Pick up some rechargeable AAs to get the most out of the FE-110.


Olympus FE-110 - digital camera

The Good

Simple operation; budget price; internal memory saves 23 high-quality shots.

The Bad

No manual controls and few scene modes; slow autofocus; LCD difficult to view in bright light; motion-picture clips limited to 320x240 at 15fps with no sound; no burst mode; no optical viewfinder.

The Bottom Line

The Olympus FE-110 is budget priced for a 5-megapixel compact model, but its average picture quality and lack of features make it an entry-level choice only.

Olympus FE-110 - digital camera

Score Breakdown

Design 5Features 5Performance 4Image quality 5