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Oki B431DN review: Oki B431DN

Oki B431DN
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Oki B431DN
Samsung ML-2851ND
Lexmark E460dw
Dell 1720
HP LaserJet 1020

The Oki B431DN is actually an LED printer that uses a light diode instead of a laser as a printhead source, and is an economical alternative to the typical laser printer we usually see because LEDs require fewer internal parts to operate. The shorter optical path on LED printheads also allows for a smaller physical size than classic laser printers, but you sacrifice quality for convenience, as current LED printers all have fixed resolutions. That said, you won't notice a big difference in print quality, especially from a monochrome printer like this one.

We printed our usual array of test graphics and text pages and the quality will more than suffice for throwaway documents and light graphics, but you might consider a multicartridge inkjet printer or even a color laser if you want to print snapshot photos or presentation-quality documents.

Service and support
The B431ND is covered by Oki's limited warranty on parts and labor for one year, including overnight exchange in the event of a malfunction. Customer support and technical specialists are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year by e-mail and phone, and the comprehensive Support Resources page on the Oki Web site provides further customer assistance by way of FAQs, driver downloads, warranty extension opportunities, business document templates, order status updates, and individual resources (manuals, documents) for each printer model Oki sells.

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