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Oakley Thump 2 review: Oakley Thump 2

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Having spent years untangling the cords to our iPod's headphones, we were thrilled to do without it for once. The Thump 2's lenses don't flip up like the original Thump's, so you can't wear them over your prescription frames. It's limiting, but stylistically, it's a good thing.

Thump 1 (Borg) vs. Thump 2 (Terminator): Which one do you like better?

As before, the Oakley Thump 2 offers two volume buttons on the left arm and three playback buttons on the right. We like the control placement since reaching up to tap our glasses made us feel like Cyclops in the X-Men--although we perhaps shouldn't admit that publicly. We love that you can scrub forward or backward in a track by holding down the Previous or Next button, something we weren't expecting in a simple player. The Thump 2 also offers new advanced playback options--for example, press and hold the Next button, then press the Previous button to activate song shuffle--but the controls are difficult to remember. We wish the Thump came with a wallet card or, better yet, had the instructions printed on the inside of the arms.

In our testing, the Oakley Thump 2 produced excellent sound but lasted for only 7.3 hours, higher than the rated 6 hours but still a bit low for our taste; at least you can still use them as sunglasses when the battery dies. Though we're talking about sunglasses here, that's a bit short for our tastes. To many, the biggest minus is the price. A 1GB iPod Shuffle costs $129, and a pair of Thump Gascan sunglasses (which look like the Thump 2 without the electronics) costs $100. That means you're paying a premium to combine the two, though we admit that the sunglasses are well designed and well made, and that the original price of the first Thump glasses make these look like a bargain. Considering the cost, Oakley is stingy with the accessories. The Thump 2 doesn't come with a wall charger or a hard case; you'll have to charge it through the computer, which is difficult for travelers. Oakley will be happy to sell you either of those separately.

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