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The Good Large feature list. Small size. ong-life battery.

The Bad Average build quality. Speaker volume is too low.

The Bottom Line O2's latest phone combines many of the features of a PDA with the latest in mobile phone technology including 3G support, push e-mail and video conferencing all in conventional looking handset.

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8.5 Overall

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O2 recently launched its new 3G mobile lineup with the new Xda Zinc and Graphite smartphones. There are currently two types of Windows Mobile devices: PDA-style units with touchscreens and the range of candybar-style smartphones, the later which the Graphite falls into. All-in-one devices like the Graphite have made life easier by combining many different applications into a single handset. It does everything from making voice and video calls, browsing the web and accessing email, to displaying PDF files and spreadsheets and playing music and games.

For its Graphite phone, O2 has gone with a conventional candybar form factor. Measuring in at 109.5mm by 46.9mm by 18mm and weighing just 105 grams with the battery, the handset sits comfortably in the hand and is unobtrusive in most pockets or handbags. It houses a bright 2.2-inch, 240x320-pixel LCD that sits below a VGA camera used for video calling. A second 2-megapixel camera with a built-in flash is located on the back panel. The position of the camera in the center of the back panel meant the lens often got blocked by our fingers when held to take a picture.

Build quality isn't one of the Graphite's strong points. The plastic used for the keypad feels cheap and the buttons don't provide good feedback when pressed quickly. O2 includes an AC adaptor, stereo headset and a mini-USB cable for data connectivity

The feature-rich Graphite comes with multiple connectivity options including tri-band GSM capability as well as 3G support. There's also Bluetooth 2.0, infrared, wireless LAN 802.11b/g and a USB port for connection with a PC. Powering the Graphite is Intel's Xscale PXA 270 processor rated at 416MHz. This is combined with 64MB of RAM and an additional 128MB of flash memory. For extra storage there's a microSD card slot, but this is located below the battery meaning the device has to be turned off every time the card is changed.

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