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Nyko Charge Base IC (Wii) review: Nyko Charge Base IC (Wii)

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The Good Provides magnetic inductive charging of two Wii remote batteries simultaneously; Wii remotes don't need to be attached; power switch; auxiliary USB charger.

The Bad A bit expensive.

The Bottom Line While the Nyko Charge Base IC goes for a few dollars more than we'd like to pay, its magnetic induction, auxiliary USB port, and power toggle separate it from other charging systems we've seen.

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7.5 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 8
  • Performance 7

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After a seemingly endless tirade of Nintendo Wii charging accessories, not until now have we seen third-party manufacturers enter the world of induction charging.

We already have our hands on the Energizer 2X Induction Charge Station and we really enjoyed the convenience of not having to detach batteries and Wii remote skins to charge. With the Nyko Charge Base IC, you can now enjoy the advantages of a magnetic induction charging system.

The Nyko Charge Base IC is simple enough, and it's the best Nyko charger we've used to date. The company has included a few additions here and there that really make the device stand out, and at $40, it should be the only Wii charge you'll need for a long time.

The Charge Base IC is a slick stand composed of two charging docks and a base. Between the magnetic charging docks is a power button--the first we've seen on a controller charger--that turns the system on and off. Kudos to Nyko here, as this definitely reduces the dreaded phantom power that idle devices can sometimes leak.

The two included battery packs double as controller grips, similar to the ones we've seen in the standard Nyko Charging Station. The only difference with these cases is that they offer access to the Wii sync buttons via a tiny hole placed in the casing. Nyko cleverly included a funny-looking accessory to reach the button, a plastic "sync tool."

The rubberized battery covers now allow for access to the Wii remote sync button.

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